Youth Alive Fellowship

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Youth Alive Fellowship Bauchi is a solid platform that brings youths together for continuous encounters with destiny. It is the place where destinies are discovered and activated for global exploits. Youth Alive Fellowship is the place where young men and women contact spiritual energy for undeniable impacts, trailblazers are trained, giants are raised and reformers are birth.

Our passion is to preserve the glorious destinies of our youths from decadence through church based programmes.  Our year-round mainstream programmes are carefully designed to meet specific needs of different categories of youths ranging from academics, career, relationship, finance to marriage.

We understand that to be youthful and not useful is an abuse of existence, hence we consistently motivate and mobilize our  youths for productive kingdom engagements.


To secure the future of our youths via a church based purpose driven movement.


  • To make them spiritually sound sons and daughters of the most high God and responsible citizens.
  • To raise an army of visionaries with a view to promoting their leadership potentials.
  • To give them a productive orientation and a contributor’s mentality.
  • To educate them on the traditions of this commission and impart into them values that have made the Living Faith Church renowned.
  • To enhance the era of reformation for the youth body.
  • To give them a purpose for living and train them on how to actualize it.
  • To re-engineer and enhance the value system of our youths generally and the world at large.
  • To acquaint them with other youth movements around the world


1. To operate as the umbrella body for all youths in the church.

2. To harmonize spiritual and social development of the youths through various relevant programs.

3. To act as a bond of unity among the youths.

4. To coordinate youth activities within the church and Winners’ Campus Fellowship.

5. To encourage the practice of traditions and values of the ministry.

6. To imbibe the spirit of the Commission.